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Day 0: Developer Experience

Your platform begins with an efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience for your developers. After all, they’re the ones building and shipping code which makes up your business.

Foundation IO can help you optimize and streamline your developer experience using modern cloud native solutions for Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Local Development with containers and Kubernetes.

Day 1: Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Native is when a solution is architected to be cloud first. These solutions have automation, stability, and reslience in mind and make use of many of the solutions found within the Cloud Native Landscape.

Foundation IO are experts in the best of breed solutions for Cloud Native architectures. Let us help you accelerate your journey with a focus on Automation, Stability, and Scale.

Day 2+: Operations and Security

The journey doesn’t end once you’ve developed and shipped code to a stable and scalable platform. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Foundation IO can help you develop your operations capabilities for proper Monitoring, Alerting, Logging, and Distributed Tracing of your systems. Foundation IO also has vast experience in security solutions for your Cloud, Cluster, Containers, and Code.

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